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C-DP-KRZFunctional wear stabilizes a person‘s body functions in various climates and provides an incredible service. Warming, cooling, keeping rainwater and wind away from the body, or if not warming then at least quickly drying. MOIRA creates materials for various activities ranging from sport to sleep. By selecting materials with different properties, MOIRA designs clothing customized for a certain activity in a particular climate. The materials can quickly wick away moisture, provide heat stability for the skin and protect very well against cold. Moira light as air knits work to maintain the body‘s micro-climate in the heat of summer.

A crucial importance for the perfect function of MOIRA products has the patent-protected, high-technical polypropylene fibe MOIRA TG 900 with the fie-lobed star-like shape. Thanks to the fibe‘s cross-section profle, capillary spaces are created both in the fibe and between the flaments in the yarn. This results in an almost doubled rate of wicking away moisture. By using other refinednatural or synthetic fibes, new perfect materials can be achieved.

Every knit used for single groups of Moira products has its own special structure. In addition to specificfunctional requirements, such as the speed of wicking away moisture, or maintaining a certain moisture volume, level of heat insulation, ventilation, or permeability, every material has a pleasant feel and appearance. It is the structure of the knit itself that allows favourable communication with the skin so that the functional mechanism of the Moira products is triggered.

The finalpattern form of single series and types of products follows primarily an intention where a T-shirt, underpants or trousers will be used. In what climatic conditions and what the anticipated physical exertion will be. The design follows the human anatomy in various sports, and the knowledge obtained is utilized in the pattern solution for every MOIRA product type. Flat stitching and high-quality, ready-to-wear execution are a matter of course.

Today, the use of functional clothing and underwear extends from the area of extreme sports to everyday life. MOIRA maintains: What is necessary for extreme and recommended for performance sports, is also practical in sport for enjoyment and very comfortable and pleasant for everyday wear and even for sleeping.  Sport in general provides relaxation, entertainment and pleasure of movement. Moira functional clothing reaches all areas of human activity and as it is time tested it is able to serve all generations. Athletes, who began to use Moira twenty years ago, now appreciate the functionality of Moira products in less physically demanding activities or when resting at home. It is because Moira functional clothing offers another dimension of supporting human health.

In addition to excellent functional properties, all products made of MOIRA fbre are have excellent bio-compatibility with the human body, there is no known allergic reaction to this material. It is biologically stable and does not support the growth of bacteria or mould, which is supported by treatment with the Sanitized technology, an anti-bacterial preparation that is added to the fbre mass during production. The preparation is released through microscopic cracks during the fbre‘s service life and protects the capillary space between the flaments against bacteria and mould. The preparation does not have any negative infuence on the skin whatsoever, and does not restrict the fbre‘s functionality. The Sanitized agent is present in the fbre for its entire service life.

The clothing and underwear are stable in colour for their entire service life, colourfast, and cannot be insuffciently washed or dyed. MOIRA® products are recyclable and environmentally-friendly. They carry a low electric charge, so they do not attract dust.


Duplex is a special knit designed primarily for cycling. It is a thin, double material with an airy middle-layer, joined with binding points. Body moisture enters into the polypropylene layer and is transferred through the binding points to the outer polyamide structure. The resulting airy layer between the knits works as an insulant and also catches the impact wind.

The FRESH series products adhere to the body freely and softly without limitation of your motion. The architecture of the knit allows transfer of moisture by the Moira fibres to the outside, polyamide part of the knit where it evaporates. Increased ventilation in exposed places is enabled by embedded panels from the ULTRALIGHT knit. The FRESH series offers also trousers made from the DIAGON knit in several lengths. The pleasant elasticity of the knitwear ensures easy movement, does not cling to the body even with higher perspiration, ventilates well and takes away capillary moisture. We recommend this knitwear for indoor sport of medium intensity, and outdoor sport.

Underwear must have the right functional characteristics - outflow of moisture while maintaining thermal stability of the body, it must be designed for sport, provide necessary comfort and some materials must have suitable elasticity for design of bras in order to ensure necessary stability of breasts. Therefore the SUPERMICRO knit with soft, ermine touch, draped UNDERLIGHT and POLY knits, dual, firm knit with limited elasticity are used.

Shear panels with ribbing or a plastic structure are inweaved in the exposed places to help the faster evaporation of moisture and another covering layer increases the local thermal balance. The inserted elastomer enables to regulate the force of the nip from loose draping to local compression in the required parts. The Moira microfiber used on both the back and front side ensures thermal stability in all stages of use.

all season socks - The construction of Komfort socks is based on the different attributes of cotton and polypropylene. Functional zones located next to each other comprise wet and dry sections with varying attributes that give you an overall feeling of warmth and sufficient “dryness” even in very wet shoes. The utilized plush loop increases the permeation of the utilized materials to gives an overall comfortable sensation. The sock ends in a high hem that gently constricts. A small tongue on the edge of the hem above the heel made from a double weave helps when putting on the Komfort short socks. It also serves as protection against possible pressure sores and chafing from wearing shoes with straps.

This sock is designed as a set of special zones supporting the ideal functioning of the foot. The segments of plush weave of the MFC system (MOIRA FOOT CANALS) on the sole dampen shocks conveyed to the sole and simultaneously create a system of ventilation canals with the same conditions of forced ventilation for the right and left foot. The instep is equipped with an air conditioning zone with a plush segment in the middle, which insulates the instep and prevents unwanted pressure sores. The lower part of the toes is ventilated by a strip that connects to the air conditioning zone of the instep. The upper part of the instep under the hem of the sock is lightened by smooth strips facilitating the bending of the foot. The soft elastic double hem ensures the stable positioning of the sock on the foot.

A sock of lighter weight suitable mainly for cycling features a basic architecture of smooth weaving, reinforced at the tip and the heel. The reinforced fabric is widened around the ankle and the Achilles tendon, which enhances the passive safety of this part of foot. The socks feature two drop-shaped zones made of meshed knit and located symmetrically on both sides in the area of the arches so that each sock can be worn both on the right and on the left foot. The sock ends in a higher and firm rim with a flexible clutch.

T-shirts, cycling trousers, socks and underwear made from the unique Moira fibre, for cycling and other outdoor activities, are now available in our E-shop.

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